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Placed in a mental institution after the tragic loss of her family, Skye Sorenson’s worst nightmare turns real when she learns that her psychologist, Doctor Boyer is experimenting with dangerous trial drugs on family-less patients for personal profit; a practice that dates to Stonebrook’s prior years as an orphanage. 

Institutionalized for more than six years and counting, Skye’s ability to separate fact from fiction is often blurred due in part to her medicated state and partly as a defense mechanism to mentally escape the madness taking place inside of the asylum. 

In her latest escapade, Skye believes she is living vicariously through Sister Sarah who has made it her mission to save a boy named, Jacob and to protect other defenseless orphans who mysteriously vanish after a late-night visit to Stonebrook by a sinister Doctor Vaughn.  Unaccepting of the explanation that the children are placed with good families, her determination to discover the truth places her under the hawkish watch of head nun, Sister Margaret and on a deadly collision course with the evil doctor. 

And it is during this delusional episode, that Skye finds proof that Stonebrook is still experimenting on its patients. Fearing the risk Skye presents, Doctor Boyer orders her to be moved to Saint Andrews for further evaluation; an institution of no return and an unforgiving death sentence for the truly insane who are being used as lab rats. With no time to spare and insurmountable odds, Skye must quickly plot an escape to save her own life and the lives of other Stonebrook patients unaware of their demise. 

Fortunately for Skye, she is not alone on her journey. Skye’s childhood friend, Brandy, is employed at Stonebrook and she is willing to assist an old friend at all costs.

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